"Help, I lost my golf swing!"
How to recover your golf swing before you hit your next golf shot.
by Tracy Reed

A lost golf swing is the worst feeling a golfer endures. You can feel it coming on. You try every swing training technique and routine you know to prevent it. You try all of the mental techniques to stay relaxed, but still you hit that one shot OB and you know it's gone. It's gonna be a long and lonely day on the golf course... You lost your golf swing.

For days or even weeks, you practice more, take lessons, and try everything you know to get it back and one day your golf swing just shows up. But in the back of your mind you're not sure. Every shot you hit you wonder where the ball will go... Will this be the day you lose your golf swing again?

But what can you do? More than likely by now you've tried every "fix" or routine you could find to get your golf swing back. There is nothing worse than spending hours on a driving range hitting thousands of balls to find your golf swing only to see it disappear sometime during the very next round.

After a few years of this, I dedicated most of my free time to understanding why this happens.

I eventually found out that there are just two keys that have to happen to make a consistently powerful golf swing that wouldn't suddenly fall apart on the golf course.

If you are like I was, you are probably trying an assortment of routines to maintain your golf swing, and my guess is they aren't real consistent.

My first breakthrough came when I finally pegged the reason for the inconsistency in the routines I was using. The simple answer was that my balance was constantly changing and when it did, so did the routines and my golf swing.

I say simple because looking further into balance revealed that balance can get quite dicey. But it came down to one principle. There is a part of your "survival" brain that monitors balance 24/7 and as soon as it feels the slightest imbalance, it works to get you back in balance...

Yes... IN THEORY it sounds like this would be a GOOD thing, but it's not because in the process of trying to correct, your survival brain re-purposes your muscles for balance which then throws off the golf swing. This is the reason for inconsistency.

Worse, you have no choice in the matter. You are either in balance, or your own mind is messing with your golf swing.

Based on further research into balance and dynamic balance, I wrote Golf Swing Control and although I thought I had figured out the golf swing, there were still some details that would continue to plague me for another 10 years.

Besides inconsistency, the next biggest issue was how to start the downswing.

For many years, I thought I had the answer based on the biomechanical sequence of how the body worked in almost every sport, but it didn't hold up. I still noticed that sometimes it worked, but when it didn't, something was missing and I just couldn't put my finger on it.

I eventually found what was missing quite by accident. I had injured my left leg and couldn't pressure it. I was coaching a college golf team at the time and my students were ribbing me for not playing along with them despite my injury.

They said a "real" golf instructor could figure out how to play on one leg.
Although I could barely walk, I figured out a way to play only on my right leg. The surprising result was 20 more yards and I never hooked the ball (my nemesis). I knew I was on to something big at that point.

Problem is; I couldn't pinpoint how I was doing it. That took another three years.

Now I view the golf swing more like shooting an arrow: The setup and backswing are like pulling the arrow back and the transition is the same as releasing the arrow. I could get into the weeds on this but it comes down to setting up your body's Kinetic Chain and triggering the downswing and let me tell you... It's amazing.

So now, I use the setup from Golf Swing Control plus a routine I created to set up for the downswing and I simply trigger the downswing.

The most amazing part is that my golf swing has never been more simple, yet powerful and accurate. Yet I don't think at all about technique, and I don't use any swing thoughts. I just set up the backswing and release the downswing. The routines do all of the work!

The key to consistency is in maintaining dynamic balance during the routine. When you do, every golf swing is almost identical.

I use the second routine at home to practice and more importantly, I use it on the golf course to immediately recover my golf swing if I hit a bad shot.

So if you're tired of losing your golf swing and working hours to get it back only to lose it again, I have a real cure... I redesigned the Bio-Visual Focus instruction course to get this information out to golfers to stop their suffering and I cut the cost in half.

So... You don't need to suffer though the agony and on-course embarrassment of the disappearing golf swing any more.

Using Bio-Visual Focus, in just weeks, you will be armed with the ability to recover your golf swing right away on the golf course with one simple yet very special routine. It really is the cure for a disappearing golf swing!

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No more:

  • Spending endless hours at the range working on specific parts of your golf swing.
  • Taking golf swing lessons that only seem to make things worse.
  • Trying to master the latest "secret golf swing technique" that is promised to magically transform your golf game.
  • Having to rediscover your golf swing on the range before every round of golf.

Instead, you'll always be armed with a golf swing ready to play your best golf even if you only have time for a few practice swings before you tee off.

A departure from standard golf swing instruction... Bio-Visual Focus training is the result of 30 years research to give you the cutting edge routines that will give you full control of your personal golf swing... The golf swing that won't leave you suddenly... The golf swing that will be there for you for the rest of your life.

But first, why do golfers suddenly lose their golf swing?

We talked about balance: It's the same part of your brain that tries to save you from falling when you trip on something. If it senses that your body is out of balance during your golf swing, it will redirect your muscle to try to re-balance your body, throwing your golf swing off. Like I said, that part of the brain is very sensitive and even though you don't feel off balance, it still tries to "save" you, while ruining your golf swing.

Then there is the part of your brain that tells the body what to do... It gets its orders telling it to hit the ball and transfers that to the part of the brain that controls movement. But if you are thinking even a few conflicting thoughts, the orders get screwed up and your golf swing doesn't work.

So anything you do to get your golf swing back has to address both the balance issue and the internal conversation you are having in your mind.

Now take a minute and think about all of the thoughts that run through your mind when you are setting up to the ball

  • How's you grip?
  • Is the ball position correct?
  • Too much or too little waist bend?
  • Too close or too far from the ball
  • How's your aim?

And that's just the setup! Now for the backswing...

  • Arms straight back?
  • Turn the body?
  • When to lift the arms up?
  • Weight shift!
  • Don't lock the knees!

I'm sure there are more thoughts I missed, but there are still downswing thoughts that can still ruin your golf swing...

  • Don't come over the top!
  • Which hand does the work?
  • How and where to turn the hands?
  • Keep your head down!
  • Do the hands go first or the body?

You get the idea...It's a wonder you can hit the golf ball at all!

Instead, imagine setting up to the ball (perfectly balanced) using a routine that automatically adjusts for your personal body structure, Starting the backswing without a single thought as soon as you feel comfortable and striking the ball near perfect every time.

Now think for a minute what traditional golf instruction does when you lose your golf swing?.. More swing thoughts, more "swing moves" to practice and think about. Instead of removing and simplifying, traditional golf instruction ADDS more clutter up in your head.

How long can you continue to pile on more thoughts and instruction and expect to play golf with a clear mind?

Bio-Visual Focus works because instead of giving you new things to think about, Bio-Visual Focus takes away thoughts and physical issues so you don't have to fight them to make your golf swing.

It's quite the contrast, but it can happen for you in a short time. But it only happens if you address both the body and the mind together. That's why the program is called Bio-Visual Focus.

In the end, Bio-Visual Focus training wraps up into just two routines that you will use in practice and on the golf course to keep your golf swing primed and ready for the most amazing results you may ever experience.

I'm Tracy Reed,

Sounds impossible, doesn't it? That's why it took over 25 years to discover. But then, there was no choice.. Let me explain.

I love golf, but due to a severe back injury I suffered in the Army, if I hit too many practice balls I don't walk afterwards. I refused to give up golf, but I also still want to play to a single digit hcp. So for over 25 years I searched for a way to play golf without practice.

While I searched, I suffered from the disappearing golf swing too. But I couldn't hit thousands of golf balls to get it back. Learning Biomechanics helped to keep my golf swing together but I still needed power and accuracy to limit the number of swings I made during a round of golf.

After studying every golf swing technique on the market looking for the "Magic Move", no technique was able to solve this problem.

Combining my Military Interrogator training with the study of body movement during sports revealed the surprising reasons why your golf swing sometimes just won't work like it should.

The Bio-Visual Focus routines you learn will simplify your golf swing, get you the power and accuracy you want, and simplify your thought process during your golf swing so that your brain does not interfere when you're making a shot.

Watch this video to see how Bio-Visual Focus works:

And if you enjoy practicing, your practice sessions will be more fun using Bio-Visual Focus

An accidental side effect is that you will have built a mental game that cannot be distracted in even the highest stress situations on the golf course.

What I found quite by accident is the key to entering "the Zone", not just for a round of golf but for each shot you hit on the golf course. Again, it sounds a little impossible, but to prove it I tested Bio-Visual Focus with Graham Boulton and his son Henry during their development of the FocusBand System.

The Focus Band clearly showed how your mind drops into "the Zone" just before starting your backswing using Bio-Visual Focus.

I still cannot play more than once per week and usually average only 2 to 3 times per month. I have been using Bio-Visual Focus for years with no range practice between rounds to consistently play to a single digit handicap. Even after a layoff of a month or more, I can have everything working with as few as just 10 - 15 practice shots before a round.

"My friends were astonished what they saw."

"My sincere thanks goes for teaching me the right path to play effortless golf. I will never forget what you have taught me. I have to tell you this story...

I was playing golf with my friends (I haven't played with them since I joined BVF) and they were astonished what they saw - I was able to create any shot and I even showed-off by hitting 150yd par 3 with my EYES CLOSED and almost got hole-in-one (end up with birdie). I had to literally help one of my friends close his mouth. They asked me who was my coach and I replied - Tracy Reed!!! They said when can we meet him and we're willing to pay any amount to be as good as me. I told them that I NEVER met this guy and everything I learnt was online and via email. They couldn't stop laughing!!! They probably thought I was taking some kind of illegal substance like the guy in the movie "Limitless".

Anyway, I gave them the BVF email address and hope few more Aussies will join in. Once again, Thanks."

Raj Singh, Adelaide, Australia

"I’d lose it again during the round and it just turned into a vicious circle"

Before I went through Biovisual Focus inconsistency haunted me.  I could never string together more than one or two really good rounds in a row before the time bomb went off and my golf swing disappeared. Basically, all hell broke loose and after a couple of bad shots it turned into “hit and hope” instead of just playing golf as it should be.

Back then when I had a bad round I would have to go back to the drawing board, looking up any useful tips on the internet or reading a new book on golf that claimed to be the solution to consistency. I would get my golf swing back on track eventually after beating balls on the range and taking an hour or more before a round of golf to find the golf swing I would use for the round. Then all of a sudden I’d lose it again during the round and it just turned into a vicious circle. I took some lessons that did help but my scores weren't improving and to continue with more lessons over time is just way to expensive and time consuming.

After all the hard work and time no matter what I was working on I couldn't take the awesome good shots I could hit on the range onto the golf course for a full round of golf.

lt stopped being fun and I was seriously close to quitting.

One day during a time when I don't think I could have been hitting the ball any worse I was searching for new tips for consistency and I came across Tracy's page. I read it over and liked what I saw so I signed up to purchase Bio-Visual Focus. I told myself I have spent way more money on new clubs and lessons to fix my game that hasn't helped so what do I have to loose? I told myself if this doesn't work I'm quitting for good. 

All I can say is that from the moment I started and went through this program things got better and now I have improved beyond my wildest dreams.  I have never played this good in my entire life and never thought I could pull off the shots I do now. I gained distance, accuracy in all parts of my game and my scores improved to where I'm usually shooting in the lower to mid 70s, have shot rounds at even par and even a couple rounds below par. All this with a three and a one year old at home so I don't have much time for practice.

I continue to improve and have cut down majorly on time wasted practicing . Since going through this program I have found my own natural golf swing and if I hit a bad shot I now have real solutions to fix what when wrong on the spot to continue on and finish the round strong. Basically I feel like I have actually started playing golf. I haven't had this much fun playing since going through Bio-Visual Focus. This is the real solution to consistency. You cant go wrong with this program and if you have any issues you can always contact Tracy and he will help you work it out.  While going through the program, listen and pay attention to exactly what he says and you won't have any problems. If you do have issues, go back and review the lessons because the end result is well worth it. Tracy has provided me the real solutions to a golf game for life and put me on the path to play at my full potential.

Greg Bohner

Bio-Visual Focus breaks down to just 7 lessons.

The first two lessons demonstrate how the mind and body operate together on different levels using simple walking drills. The mind and body work the same way during your golf swing.

The third lesson is a setup routine that by itself will improve your golf game.

The last four lessons will change your whole perspective about the golf swing, build absolute confidence and trust in your golf swing.

The routines that you will use to recover your golf swing also help you maintain it without needing to even hit golf balls.

In the end, your golf swing is no more difficult than walking and your shots on the course will amaze you.

This may seem complicated but in fact Bio-Visual Focus is very easy to use. It's best to experience how it works free.

When you register, you will get access to the first 3 lessons absolutely free. They will show you how the body and mind work together and give you the first routine that will make a big difference in your current golf swing.

If you have questions, just send me a message from the contact page and I will respond within 24 hours. If you don't hear from me, keep bugging me, I don't mind.

Ross shot his age... at age 70!

Hello Tracy
It was in March 2008 I contacted you via your Golf Swing Control and I was introduced to the concept of Dynamic Balance.

I knew then that after 40+ years playing on single figures (and that was on courses worldwide as golf was my business) that I would take the radical step and change my swing completely and use dynamic balance as the base. It was very difficult at first.

I am now using my feet to get better balance (Dynamic Balance technique) with the putting as well. It has made tremendous difference and long putts are so accurate.

Anyway, the upshot of it now is that a week ago I contacted you of my progress and that I was nigh on finished the transformation but alas you had something else to introduce me to; Bio-Visual Focus.

The first 3 videos I was doing anyway but to go out onto the practice tee, visualize the shot with eyes closed and hit ball after ball was a different matter indeed.

But you know what? It was and is now very easy to do and in fact I hit a shag bag full with eyes closed now and all of you who read this and try it you will know how pure the contact is. Hitting balls has always been a joy but this is awesome to say the least. I have also found with eyes closed that one tends to hit say 5yds further with the wedges and uncannily accurate.

I am feeling a lot more comfortable over the ball now than when I was on scratch or 1 and can now visualize any shot with my eyes closed prior to the shot and just go ahead an execute it.

Finally, I shot my age of 70 a couple of weeks ago and an average day yesterday of 74 is the proof in the pudding of Tracy's simple technique.

Tracy, I will always be indebted to you for your kindness in the way you have offered help.. In fact my wife has not listened to me about this dynamic balance over the last 4 years, yet she watches your videos once and now claims you are the Guru!!!

All the best,

Ross Tuck

Here is what golfers trained with Bio-Visual Focus experience on the golf course:

  • No more searching frantically for your golf swing before every round.
  • You need only make a few practice swings to be ready to play golf.
  • Total confidence over every shot.
  • Clear visualization and feel for every shot.
  • If you miss a shot, you're still close, but you ALSO immediately know what went wrong and you can correct it before you take a single step toward the next shot.
  • Better distance and accuracy than ever.
  • No conscious interruption over a shot - a bomb could go off behind you and you wouldn't hear it.
  • Between shots you can think or talk about anything without worry that you'll lose your focus.
  • NO MORE looking for answers to questions, changing your golf swing or instruction of any kind... You have all of the answers and can just play golf.

What golfers are saying about Bio-Visual Focus...

"Bio-Visual Focus has literally transformed my game."

Your work with Bio-Visual Focus is outstanding. Even as a low single digit handicapper I NEVER stepped up to the ball with full confidence. This may sound strange, but until I learned Bio-Visual Focus, I didn't even realize how tentative I was over the ball! Sure I hit some good shots -- sometimes I would even have streaks of several great shots in a row, but did I have true confidence? No, not really. Back then if considering shots I perceived to be difficult, I would actually freeze for a couple of moments after getting set up to the ball. No more.

Bio-Visual Focus has literally transformed my game. Now I simply decide exactly what I want to do, step up to the ball, and perform. It's amazing to see the ball doing exactly what I visualized as part of my pre-shot routine. I can't believe the transformation. I don't have to "hit it and hope" anymore. Those days are long gone!

Tracy, your program is pure gold. I wish I had found Bio-Visual Focus earlier. I could have saved thousands of dollars on instructional videos, books, and lessons from teaching professionals. Nobody puts it all together like you do in Bio-Visual Focus.
Michael Reynolds, Columbus Ohio

"I've worked with Tracy for years and had nothing but success. His visualization techniques are the best I have ever seen, and his ground breaking Dynamic Balance routines are something that every golfer, whether beginner or professional should use."
Gary Brewer II, PGA Professional

"I have had more success, higher finishes, and bigger paychecks in the 2 months since I worked with Tracy than I did in the previous 4 years... and the results have been almost instantaneous."
Curtis Knight Golf Professional, Jacksonville, Florida

Nick is back on track after just one hour with Tracy... After only 1 hour with Tracy working on both his mental and physical golf game together, Nick shot a 67 his first time out after an 8 month layoff due to a shoulder injury.
Nick Vaden Golf Professional, Tampa, FL

"Bio-Visual Focus has been a great learning opportunity for me."

"The concepts behind it are fresh and unique and not mechanical which has been a great revelation for me and my golf game since I've always been so focused on swing mechanics. Using BVF I've been able to have a unique, new awareness with regards to my balance and how I come through the ball. I never really realized how important balance was, or how bad mine was...

Bio-Visual Focus gives me a method to really stay focused and allows me to make my natural swing, with balance and trust so that I can ultimately let go when I play.

Tracy has been extremely helpful and thoughtful and available throughout the process. At one point I was going to quit playing due to frustration, but he was willing to help me understand where the challenge was and how to move forward from it.

I've recently started playing more consistent golf and I believe that better golf is ahead of me."

Max Cohen
Pleasanton, CA

PS: My game is really coming around. I should say the scoring has gotten much better. In my last 10 rounds I've had 2 73's, a 72 (with a back nine -2), a couple of 75's, 76 and only one bad round in the 80's.

I've had double digit GIR ranging between 10-13 in every round, more double digit fairway rounds also. My handicap has trended down from around a 1-1.5 to what looks like it might be 0 after this next cycle!

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